Testimonials by my teachers

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DR ALI KHWAJA - Chairperson and Principal Faculty (Banjara Academy ) Bangalore

Mrs Radhika Chhabria “A tender caterpillar who metamorphic into a beautiful butterfly, now busy flitting around flowers everywhere and spreading fragrance wherever she goes”. A committed, sincere and honest person who has organized and conducted many camps for kids and teens emphasizing on their holistic development and emotional needs.

She has been independently teaching and mentoring children with special needs, school refusals and emotional disturbances. She has been a part of our team in conducting activity based workshops for students in schools and colleges.

She has exhibited her patriotism by rising to the occasion many times by giving lecturers and counselling the Trainees, personnel and family members of the MADRAS ENGINEERING GROUP & CENTRES OF THE INDIAN ARMY AND INDIAN AIRFORCE.

Wishing her all the very best as she has a bright future in all her endeavours of human behaviour and can grow further into a very competent professional counsellor and trainer.




SUREN- CEO Success Gyan ( Chennai )

Ms Radhika Chhabria a vibrant personality who is a social bird and spreads her wings wherever she goes. She has volunteered for number of events with Success Gyan with immense enthusiasm and zeal .She is a team player who pumps up peoples energies with her magnetic smile her keenness towards self growth and helping people through her counselling and Life Skill workshops is very inspiring. She has great potential and the world needs her to make it big. Take the first step, have faith in yourself and the universe.

Good Luck!!!


Success Gyan

PUJA GUPTA - CEO Life by Design ( Chennai )

Mrs Radhika Chhabria a energetic women who has been an asset to my company Life by Design .A kind hearted loving, responsible, caring person who makes everyone smile wherever she goes. A hard worker and the inner fire to help people is commendable. The patience and love with which she handles kids and teens is fabulous. From her innovative Styles of counselling to Art therapy she makes every person feel special. She bubbles with joy and has the twinkle in her eyes when she’s with kids. Her unique style of activity based learning attracts everyone and has a long lasting imprint. She has always been open to learning; I am sure she will touch many lives and make a difference in every person’s life she steps into. She has great potential.

Wishing her all the very best,

Loads of love and hugs


Testimonials from my clients

Due to the nature of our work the client details remain confidential .

Client 1

Hi Radhika just having you around makes me feel so much at ease. You’re like a sister to me; I don’t need to worry at all. In this city where family is not around, it always feels reassuring to have a person like you who make us feel at home. Thank you for being there. You’re such a warm and welcoming person – OWN IT!!!

Love you loads and all the best

Client 2

"Radhika is a very insightful therapist. She is very easy to speak with and is a good listener. She is able to explain her insights from the art therapy in a simple way that is easy to understand. 

She has been extremely accurate in identifying the underlying emotions and conflict within me, even at times when I was in denial and didn't realise what I was going through. 

Her therapy has been extremely helpful to recognise what I'm going through and her suggestions and solutions have helped me move forward towards a happier space. 

I'm grateful for her attentiveness and her support throughout my challenges and would definitely recommend her as an art therapist and counsellor. "

Client 3

Radhika is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She personifies hope, life and love. I met her when I had lost complete hope on myself. She helped me not only see the good in me but also managed to bring back life into my world of negativity and stress. She is so patient and also compassionate, and can listen to you for hours together , will follow up like a guardian angel just to check on you if you’re doing fine . I had covered myself up with excessive stress and had given my remote control to others and didn’t know what’s happening in my life. By just patiently listening to me , understanding my wounds she started teaching me how to love and respect myself first because that’s the only way I can share the love with others. Her homework and tasks helped me unveil the mystery behind my stress. Thanks to her, I am doing well at work, relationships have got sweeter, things have fallen into place and above all my remote control is with me. Thank you for everything my dear, may you continue doing this fabulous work of spreading love and hope.


Client 4 (Phone)

My name is Chaitra I am 25 years old , working in a corporate company . I was undergoing a hell lot of pressure at work and my personal life. I shared my discomfort with my friends but nothing helped . I was hesitant to consult a counsellor . But later i thought i will talk to my husbands friend who was a counsellor and that was Radhika , From Chennai . I wasn’t sure if counselling would help over phone call . But i had to try. She made me so comfortable for the first time . I decided taking counselling from Radhika , and was sure it would help me talking to her. I have taken 6 sessions from her and all the sessions were over the phone . i was given few small activities and assignments to do on a regular basis. This helped me get over my stress and negative thoughts . Even after 6 sessions , i follow the activities on a regular basis . She helped me change in a positive way and i feel good about it . I couldn’t thank Radhika enough .

I strongly feel when a person has some problem where they are not able to handle it . It is better to talk to someone unknown than a known person. Talking to friends will always be favourable to your choice . but talking to a counsellor you will not get a temporary solution , you will find a permanent solution .


Thank you so much RADHIKA

Client 5

Thank you for the amazing sessions. I have noticed a few improvements in my child . She seems to be more confident and happy; she has also learned how to face her own problems. Thank you.

Radhika is an excellent Counsellor. Sweet and friendly with kids. The way she talks to the kids is very nice and also creates a positive atmosphere.

Client 6

Radhika plays a very important role in my life. Her work is as good as she is. The sessions I have undergone with her are soothing and relaxing. The solutions provided are very helpful. And I like going to her. Because she is full of energy and positivity. She’s been a support both emotionally and mentally. She has also helped me overcome my fears.

Client 7

Almost a year back I got to know Radhika , with a lot of inhibition, a lot of anxieties, a mountain of self doubt and a lack of direction. Frankly I was outright depressed. All a summation of bad choices, bad decisions of the past, coming back to haunt me. In a day and age where we find it tough to open up to our families, to open up to strangers. All that too all the deepest secrets of our lives is a daunting task. We are completely vulnerable and open but not once she made me feel uncomfortable. This is possibly the single best quality of hers. She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t jump to conclusions, she is patient, she understands and empathises with what we have gone through and finally she guides us one step at a time.

Mental health is truly a neglected part of our society and in many cases is brushed off as being stressed with work or just some form of fatigue, but only the person going through it knows the pain he/she is facing. She understands and gives a sense of belief and reassurance that however lost you might be, a little bit of guidance and hard work can help in overcoming the challenges. Thank you Radhika , You have been so helpful and so patient with me. Your techniques are wonderful and effective. I can comfortably say I am a happy person today. I might still have my challenges and problems, but I at least have the confidence that I can handle whatever comes my way.

Client 8 (phone call )

From the beginning of the session , I had become very comfortable with Radhika ma’am , with no hesitation I shot all the questions I had in mind , she made sure she answered each question and also made me realize that everything was related to just one thing . It gave me so much clarity and hope that all will get sorted. She is very patient. She gave me activities, advice and guidance, she made me realise my value. She taught me how to be grateful; she also taught me how to complete tasks well and was with me in the journey at every step. Just by speaking to her on the phone lightened my head so much and made me feel better. She showed me different perspectives and taught me how to stay calm.

                Her learning’s have helped me a lot and made me realize how to think, what to think and be in a calm state of mind. Thank you so much.

Client 9

Since I met Radhika ,I found a number of changes in me . She has worked and improved my self confidence tremendously, she has taught me how to be more Assertive . I have been able to distract myself from unnecessary things and I have developed new hobbies . She has given me such amazing tips on how to create positive energy around me , this has indeed reflected in my environment at home . I feel more happy and I am able to spread happiness around me . 

Thank you Radhika for making such a positive impact on me within such a short period of time . I am so happy you came into my life at the right time .  

Cllient 10 ( Life skill - One to One session ) Age - 40 years

HAPPY is a small word to express how much I enjoyed coming for these Life skill classes to Radhika. Not only did I learn about myself but I also learnt on ways to work on myself and how to make myself better . There is always scope for betterment and transformation . 

Radhika is such an honest , committed , hradworker who understands people , supports them at every step and also gives them upmost importance , love and care . I really look up to her at such a young age she has done wonders for herself and helped so many people on the path to self growth . 

Really very proud of her and wishing her all the very best for her future . 

God bless you !!!

Client 11 ( Life skill - One to one session) Age 14 years

All your classes were really interesting . You are such a helpful person . The Unique way you make me understand is the best . Playing games , watching videos helped me understand better . Thank you for helping me figure out things . 

Whenever I am angry , I will think about you and recollect all the tips you taught me in order to calm down . 

Will miss you and your Classes alot . Thank you 

Client 12 (Life skill- One to one session) Age 16 years Slow learner

Radhika Didi is a very loving and caring person . She taught me Life skills in a fun way through  activities, art , craft , worksheets and videos .The sessions were very helpful in making me think positive and control my anger . The best thing I liked was writing Gratitude daily . Learning about the 4 basic feelings was very interesting, I will definitely use everything you have taught me . 

I Thank my parents for sending me for these classes and Thank you for making a difference in my life Didi . 

Testimonials from co workers

Rajesh Dasari [ Life skill Trainer and Yoga teacher ] Bangalore

It is said that significant healing and treatment happens by the charm and aura of the counsellor . And Radhika is one such healer by nature and a counsellor by profession. She has always inspired her clients. She is a person with immense potential in many facets. She is so passionate about the little things in life which makes her give importance to small happiness in her and her clients lives.

I wish her all the best in all her endeavours .

Shubha Praveen [Counsellor,Life skill Trainer, Special Educator ] Bangalore

I know Radhika from past few years ,As a counsellor, friend , well wisher . She is a wonderful person at heart filled with creativity . She is an inspiration to my 13 year old daughter . Whatever she takes up she takes it up with upmost dedication and perfection . She doesn’t hesitate to take advice from friends and mentors . Her biggest asset is that she mingles with all age group of people and goes out of her way to help .

A wonderful person and counsellor .

Purnima Ganesh [ Director programme,Co coordinator Counsellor Banjara Academy [ Bangalore ]

Radhika Hemdev Chhabria is a very simple, genuine, committed and very talented person .Her qualities of being planned and dedicated to her tasks set her apart. She keeps updating herself to impart Life skills with the most effective techniques. She has a natural flair to get along with people of all ages. Her open mindedness and understanding nature helps her in empathising well. Radhika reaches out to others and can offer unconditional emotional support.

Our team along with Radhika have started the Teen club, A Life Skill development programme for youngsters .It was fun doing the session with her. She has conducted many workshops on various topics of human relationship and behaviour.

Wishing her all the best!!!

I am sure she will reach greater heights with the immense potential she has.

Kevin Jayaprakash [Counselling Department] Kodaikanal International School

 The workshop was a good mix of activities and lectures to get the points across to the students on the areas of focus. I felt that the students were really able to reflect on those topics as well as upon themselves and actions and have surely taken things in. That small changes are quite evident. The interactiveness of all your sessions was a great add on ans your ability to get the students to be vocal about their thoughts and ideas was indeed commendable.  Being able to keep the focus on The topics at hand and not get carried away by what students said or brought up ensured that all things went on track without having to repeat yourself. It was amazing to see how you interacted with all the students no matter what age group.