8 Quick tips on how to be an amazing parent

We are at an era of fast food, fast cars and fast relationships, where parenting involves a certain amount of discretion. There is no 1 formula or 1 standard rule that can be followed for all children. Different children have different needs, different levels of expressions of love hate and anger. As it is said […]

Watch your positive mental health

If you are a normal person, meditate for half an hour a day , but if you’re a person who doesn’t have time meditate for 1 hour a day .  You have 45,000 negative thoughts a day. That’s almost 80% of your thoughts. Not just you …. Everyone does .This might not be in your […]

Gratitude is the riches, complaints is poverty

It was a cool breezy day while I was sipping my hot cup of coffee in the hills of kodai, being a nature lover loved the chirping of the birds and the nippy cool air brushing my face and the smell of the wet Indian soil. I got into a deep thought of how I […]