8 Quick tips on how to be an amazing parent

We are at an era of fast food, fast cars and fast relationships, where parenting involves a certain amount of discretion. There is no 1 formula or 1 standard rule that can be followed for all children. Different children have different needs, different levels of expressions of love hate and anger. As it is said

Parenting isn’t a practice it’s a daily learning experience.



  1. GIVE THEM TRUE LOVE – giving true love doesn’t mean catering to all their needs, giving them the best and most expensive gifts etc or giving them whatever they want when they throw a tantrum. Giving true love means willing to be unpopular and still doing the best for them and what’s good for them. “Love means giving your child that undivided attention and time “.
    A child needs 4 hugs a day to make him/ her feel loved. Cuddle your child and make him/ her feel warm and protected with your love.
  2.  ALLOW HIM/HER TO BECOME RESPONSIBLE – From making small decisions like what to wear for a party to big decisions like choosing a career allow your child to take on responsibility for his/her own decision. At times the motherly concern may want to take a decision when you know your child is going on the wrong path. That can be done by giving your child your opinion, don’t enforce it on the child. “Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning “ Allow your child to make mistakes in order to learn .
  3. LET THEM BE – Let them become whatever they have to become. Don’t try to mould them based on your experiences and understanding of life. Your child need not do what you did in your life, Rather your child should do thinks that you didn’t even dare to think in your life. That will make the world progress.
  4. KEEP UPDATING YOURSELF AND BE INTETERESTED IN WHAT THEY ARE INTERESTED IN – From fashion to fun know what’s trending. Facebook , Twitter ,Instagram ,Music and T.V Shows are some topics of their interest . Lend them your ears and listen to their stories that helps them feel wanted, loved and respected. Discuss topics like sports, new technology, a new show on TV, as today’s kids are digital natives . “The worst communication problem is that we don’t listen to understand “.
  5. BRING OUT THE CHILD INSIDE YOU WHEN YOU ARE WITH CHILDREN - Laugh with your child, listen to his jokes, crawl with him, have an ice cream in the rain with him, forget your diet for a day and eat some yummy pizza with your child. This will not only help you bring out the child inside you but will also build a stronger bond with your child.
  6. TEACH YOUR CHILD TO EARN BROWNIE POINTS – Teach your child how to wait, We all want instant gratification and instant results just like Maggie noodles we lack patience in this rat race. Teach your child how to earn what he desires. Example – Make a chart for 30 days and tell your child if you get up early and get ready on time daily, I will give you an extra hour of play station or extra pocket money for the month at the end of 30 days.
  7. MAKE YOURSELF ATTRACTIVE INSIDE OUT – Be a loving human being , care and share for people as the child s 1st role model is his/her parents . Maintain a regular schedule of yoga, walking or some kind of exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit. If you’re a fashion conscious person wear the best clothes especially when he/she calls his friends home or when you go to school to meet the teachers. All this is important for the child.
  8. PROVIDE YOUR CHILD WITH A SUPPORTIVE AND LOVING ATMOSPHERE – Have a designated family time, do things that gets the family closer on daily basis. Share your thoughts and feelings with your family. This will set an example for the child and he will also be aware that home is a safe space to be in.

It’s not how big your home is , It’s how happy your home is that matters.

Allow your child to fly, don’t clip your child’s wings. Be his strength, Honour Parenting, as there is no job as important and tough as parenting. Enjoy the journey with your child rather than thinking about the destination.

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