Gratitude is the riches, complaints is poverty

It was a cool breezy day while I was sipping my hot cup of coffee in the hills of kodai, being a nature lover loved the chirping of the birds and the nippy cool air brushing my face and the smell of the wet Indian soil. I got into a deep thought of how I was in the self-pity party rather than counting my endless blessings. I was feeling sorry for myself for going through this feeling but had no control over it. The words of my mentor Puja Gupta echoed inside me –“Be Grateful” “Be Grateful “   That’s when I grabbed a piece of paper and pen, started penning down things I was grateful for. Initially it was hard but slowly I flowed smooth like a river and in no time I had written 5 gratitude’s to begin with. I felt a sense of fulfillment which made me feel joy from within.

Since then this practice of Gratitude has become a daily morning ritual which I follow and swear by. I believe Gratitude is a magic wand in my life which has made my life Magical.

Gratitude is a simple expression of appreciation and acknowledgement for the things, people and happiness we have in our lives. Being grateful opens the doors of abundance.

“Talk about your blessings more than talking about your problem “ . Automatically you will see how your happiness quotient will increase .


The USP OF GRATITUDE – When you’re in the space of Gratitude, You cannot go through any other feeling at the same time. Example – You cannot be grateful and angry at the same time you just FEEL GRATEFUL.



  1. MAINTAIN A GRATITUDE JOURNAL–  The more you write down what you are grateful about, the more the Universe will answer your prayers. I have a gratitude book which is like a bible to me which I carry wherever I go . My morning takes off in a positive note as I write gratitude daily .  I also believe that the more you write it down the better you express the feeling......
  2. PRACTISE GRATITUDE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS – The more you express your feeling of gratitude the more closer your relationship will get with your family and friends. You can fix up a time for the family to come together over a meal where everyone express what they are grateful for , in this way you also get an insight of what is happening in each person’s life .

EXAMPLE- My husband and me write gratitude daily and read it aloud to each other, it fills the gap of the untold words and small things also get acknowledged.

  1. BE CONSISTENT –Especially when you are feeling low, writing down gratitude peps you up. Those will be the days it will be hard for you to write gratitude but if you muster the courage to write at least 3 gratitude’s it definitely will lift your mood. Try not to skip this ritual be consistent to see the positive results.

Even when I am travelling I carry my gratitude book which doesn’t allow me to skip it.

  1. BE SPECIFIC – The more specific and clear you are the better the magic of gratitude will work for you. Being specific really helps. It helps in counting your blessings and focusing on small things as well which we usually don’t give much importance to.
  2. HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – Having an accountability partner helps in creating a habit. It’s a WIN situation for both. Your accountability partner could be your Spouse, your best friend, your sibling or your child. This is a great practice where you get exclusive private time with your partner.

My close friend in is my accountability partner, we don’t stay in the same city yet we are connected with the string of accountability. We both write down 10-15 gratitude’s per day and WhatsApp it to each other, we give each other rewards and punishments too if the task is not completed, this is just our way of adding fun to this practice. You could also play around and have fun with GRATITUDE.



It has been scientifically proven that gratitude helps heal a person MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. A person lives a healthy life and a longer life too. Take time to acknowledge all the good things in your life and view it with grateful eyes.

So put on your thinking caps and pen down your gratitude’s of the day. IT’S TIME TO START NOW!!! WHERE IS YOUR PAPER AND PEN?






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